When running a cheese shop, there are privileges you must always ensure your clients enjoy. There must be a reason why they chose you over a supermarket where it is very unlikely to get individualised service which your store can easily hack. Apart from offering them assistance in picking the right cheese for their taste, or one that goes well with their meal or wine, below is a list of other things every cheesemonger must get right.

Tasting Will Earn You Brownie Points

Any shop worth its title must always allow its clients to taste different types of cheese to enable them to pick the right flavour. Unless it is a cheese that has to be sold whole, this is a service you can use to grow your clientele. This is a unique selling point that not many food stores can take advantage of.

Wrap Your Cheese in Parched or Waxed Paper

If you want to offer your clients quality cheese, avoid plastic wrapping as this is capable of retaining moisture which might ruin the quality. However, this also depends on the kind of cheese; just make sure your storage meets the standards needed to maintain quality.

The Right Attitude

Every cheesemonger must always be accommodating and receptive. People will always walk into your shop with all manner of questions, which is normal, given the overwhelming varieties of cheese to choose from. Being courteous is a crucial part of the business.

Quality Always Wins

In this kind of business, quality always wins over quantity. You might want to offer a whole range of varieties but you are better off having a small selection of good quality ones. Creating a balance between quantity and quality can be tricky, but it is also possible. Understand your clients’ demands to know how best to meet their needs.

Bonus tip! Make sure that things such as pricing and the origin of cheese are clear. This also saves you a lot of time, which you could have spent offering an explanation on things clients can understand on their own.

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