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How to Start a Gourmet Cheese Shop

So you want to start a cheese shop? Before getting down to the actual business, there are quite a number of things you must take care of for your shop to be successful. Of course, the first hurdle any entrepreneur must always jump is coming up with a business plan and a budget. Once you have taken care of the plan and the finances, everything else tends to fall into place.

As usual, this site is all about equipping you with skills and tips for running a successful cheese shop. Without any further delay, let’s look at some of the things you must get right when starting out.

Determine Your Target Market

If you want to set yourself up for failure, start out before doing a proper market survey to determine the demand and the kind of competition you are likely to face. Establish whether there is sufficient demand for the products or services you want to offer. Before taking any major steps, do your research to determine the path your gourmet cheese shop will take.

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Pemits and Licences

There are quite a number of licences and permits you will need as food safety and handling is an issue the government doesn’t take lightly. You also don’t want to be caught on the wrong side of the law. The requirements vary depending on the local government. Do your research and make sure everything is in order before you begin operating.

Solid Marketing Plan

Since you have a physical location, marketing should be straightforward. Most of your clients will either be those living nearby or passers-by. Make sure your storefront is convincing enough to have them walk-in even when they hadn’t planned to. Once you get this right, you will acquire loyal customers in a short while. The location of your store also matters a lot; make sure it is a strategic place where there is enough foot traffic.

The points explained above are just a fraction of what you must get right before getting started. There is a lot more you need to do for your cheese shop to be successful. Browse through the site to learn more about how to successfully run your business.

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Anatomy of a Great Cheese Shop Website

There are many advantages that come with having a website for your business. The first place most prospective clients visit before deciding whether they want to do business with you or not is your website.

Therefore, your site must have the power to inspire confidence and trust in your business. If it fails to offer these two elements, then it is as good as useless. First impressions matter a lot, if your site fails to make the right one at first, it’s very unlikely that you will have people reaching out wanting to know about your products and services.Anatomy of a Great Cheese Shop Website 1 - Anatomy of a Great Cheese Shop Website

If you are a cheese shop business owner building a website for the first time, below is a simple guide to help you create a site that offers nothing but value for all those who visit it.

What You Must Get Right

Your site’s impression:  This can make or ruin things for you. To get your site’s impression right, look at it from a visitor’s point of view. Ask yourself all the questions a visitor looking for information might be seeking answers for and ensure all the details are readily available. A site such as Dragonara casino is a great example where you can get web design inspiration from among other things.

Anatomy of a Great Cheese Shop Website 2 - Anatomy of a Great Cheese Shop Website

Get your content right:  Always remember that content is king. If you want people to extend their stay on your site, ensure you have the right content for them. You can actually keep it fun by challenging your fans to try preparing some of your most complicated recipes posted on your site. You could also focus on giving tips on the different ways to use cheese among many other interesting topics.

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How to Host a Successful Cheese Tasting Event

One of the best ways to promote your products and increase sales is through cheese tasting events. Promotions not only give customers a clear focus on what your business offers but they also play a great role in bringing in new fans to your store which is something every cheesemonger would definitely look forward to.

Your overall goal for the event might not be to grow your revenue but one thing you are certain of achieving through such an event is increased sales. A good promotion has the power to turn your business around and if this is an idea you would want to give a shot to, here is a simple guide to help you.

Early Planning

How to Host a Successful Cheese Tasting Event 1 - How to Host a Successful Cheese Tasting Event

For your event to be successful, you must start planning early. Sometimes even months ahead so that you have ample time to put together a great event. Planning early offers you enough time to negotiate better deals and also to send out invites in good time. You will definitely register a better turnout when you start planning early.

Tie Your Event Around a ThemeHow to Host a Successful Cheese Tasting Event 2 - How to Host a Successful Cheese Tasting Event

One of the best ways to ensure your event attracts the right people is by having a theme they can easily identify with. This doesn’t have to be anything complicated; keep it simple but also seek views from cheese lovers in your locality or even some of your customers.

Cost of Featured Products

How to Host a Successful Cheese Tasting Event 3 - How to Host a Successful Cheese Tasting Event

Many of the people who will attend your event will of course come with a lot of expectations on discounts on featured products. This is an important part of your event, so give it some deep thought to ensure your guests aren’t disappointed. On the other hand, there will be other guests who will come to learn and not necessarily because of the discount. Make sure this group is also well taken of.

To ensure your event serves its purpose, your demo people must be well informed about the products. Equip them with the right information beforehand.

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Things Every Cheese Shop Must Get Right

When running a cheese shop, there are privileges you must always ensure your clients enjoy. There must be a reason why they chose you over a supermarket where it is very unlikely to get individualised service which your store can easily hack. Apart from offering them assistance in picking the right cheese for their taste, or one that goes well with their meal or wine, below is a list of other things every cheesemonger must get right.

Tasting Will Earn You Brownie Points

Any shop worth its title must always allow its clients to taste different types of cheese to enable them to pick the right flavour. Unless it is a cheese that has to be sold whole, this is a service you can use to grow your clientele. This is a unique selling point that not many food stores can take advantage of.

Wrap Your Cheese in Parched or Waxed Paper

If you want to offer your clients quality cheese, avoid plastic wrapping as this is capable of retaining moisture which might ruin the quality. However, this also depends on the kind of cheese; just make sure your storage meets the standards needed to maintain quality.

The Right Attitude

Every cheesemonger must always be accommodating and receptive. People will always walk into your shop with all manner of questions, which is normal, given the overwhelming varieties of cheese to choose from. Being courteous is a crucial part of the business.

Quality Always Wins

In this kind of business, quality always wins over quantity. You might want to offer a whole range of varieties but you are better off having a small selection of good quality ones. Creating a balance between quantity and quality can be tricky, but it is also possible. Understand your clients’ demands to know how best to meet their needs.

Bonus tip! Make sure that things such as pricing and the origin of cheese are clear. This also saves you a lot of time, which you could have spent offering an explanation on things clients can understand on their own.

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